Have you smiled today? If not, go ahead and smile…it’s good for your body and mind. It’s also one of the fastest and easiest ways to connect with people. It shows that you’re happy, approachable and having a good time.

I love smiling and sharing my smile with people around me, because it really is contagious! When I get together with my sisters, we’re always laughing about something. We kinda have the giggle bug. And when one of us is feeling a little down, a simple smile goes a long way to brighten up our day.

I’ll admit there was a time I didn’t like smiling. Once I got my braces off, my teeth were pretty yellow and made me self-conscious about smiling. I’ve used a few different teeth whitening products over the years, which whitened my teeth but also made them sensitive. I haven’t whitened my teeth in a couple years, and with time, my teeth have gotten stained again.

When I was approached by Smile Brilliant to try out their custom whitening trays, there were a few things that caught my attention right away:

1. Whiting Trays: I love that you receive a custom whiting tray that’s made just for you, because it allows the whiting gel to fully cover all your teeth. You’ll receive a kit to create your tray mold that you can then mail back, and don’t worry they cover the postage both ways! One thing I hated about other products I tried was that the whiting strips weren’t long enough, so I always had a few teeth that never got white.

2. Desensitising Gel: My teeth are sensitive to really cold beverages, so I received the T3 Sensitive System for light stains, which included desensitizing gel. I was pleased after my first use, and didn’t notice any sensitivity.

3. Great Price: With the results you get with Smile Brilliant the price is completely worth it at only $139. It’s a little more expensive than your over-the-counter whitening products, but the quality is great and like I already mentioned, all you’re teeth will get white. If you’re considering the dentist route, this option is much more affordable than the $650+ you’d spend.

If you’re self-conscious about your smile, like I was, or are just looking for a new product to try, be sure to check out Smile Brilliant. A smile is one of the best things you can share with people, so you should smile often and feel confident when do!

Since I enjoyed using this product so much, I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to offer a giveaway valued at $139. It’s open to anyone in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. To enter the giveaway please click here by June 23. You can also use promo code thetailoredolive15 to get $15 off your trays.

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post!



  1. Lillian
    June 19, 2017 / 10:46 pm

    Looks great!! I have one question though! My teeth are very sensitive to hot things do u think the desensitising gel would work for me as well?

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