Have you ever forgot to water your plants on a hot summer day, only to find them drooping the next morning? Well, that’s pretty much what happens to our bodies when we forget to drink enough water. Our bodies are 50-60% water, so staying hydrated is crucial to our overall mental and physical health. I make more of a conscious effort to drink lots of water this time of year, because it’s so easy to forget to drink enough.

Staying fully hydrated is the best way to feel your best and get that summertime glow. I can tell a huge difference in the look and feel of my skin and hair when I’m fully hydrated. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and keeps my hair soft and shiny.

Here are a few ways I make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.

how to stay hydrated during summer
how to stay hydrated during summer
Find a Water Bottle You Love

There are tons of water bottles out there, but finding one you enjoy drinking from is key. Once you find the right water bottle, you’ll drink from it with frequency. I personally avoid any water bottles that have a straw or build-in straw, because they are so hard to clean. I stick to glass or aluminum water bottles. My favorite is the S’well brand—they have a small rim and keep my drink cold for hours (I love this one here and here). A few similar brands I like are Contigo and Hydro Flask.

Keep your Water Bottle Full & by Your Side

Out of side, out of mind— which is why I always keep my water bottle full and with me everywhere I go. Get into the habit of filling your water bottle back up once it becomes empty. This gives you a chance to take a break, walk around, and drink more water.

Set a Calendar Reminder

If you find that you continuously forget to drink water, try setting a calendar reminder or dinger on your phone a few times a day. This will help you get into a routine of drinking water more regularly.

how to stay hydrated during summer
how to stay hydrated during summer

how to stay hydrated during summer

Add Fresh Fruit or Citrus

This is a great way to get you excited about drinking water! Whenever I want something a little different, I’ll add fruit or citrus to my water. Adding frozen blueberries or fresh strawberries, cucumber or lemons and limes is a natural way to flavor your water. Sometimes I’ll even add a splash of orange juice or cranberry juice to my water.

Keep Your Water Bottle by Your Bed

If you feel dehydrating or have dry-mouth in the middle of the night, try keeping a cup of water by your bed. You’re more likely to walk to your nightstand to sip some water than you are to walk downstairs. This will keep you hydrated and regulate your body temperature at night, which will help you sleep better. Check out this earlier post for more tips on how to get a good night sleep.

how to stay hydrated during summer
how to stay hydrated during summer

how to stay hydrated during summer

Eat Fruit That’s High in Water

Two fruits I always keep in the house during the summer are watermelons and melons. Both fruits have high water content and will keep you hydrated on a hot day. Get creative with your fruit intake! You could make fresh fruit popsicles or even fruit smoothies. Instead of using juice or milk, I always add water to my smoothies.

Avoid Caffeine 

While it’s just as important to eat foods that are high in water, you should avoid (or be aware of) foods that make you dehydrated such as coffee and caffeinated tea. If you don’t want to avoid caffeine during the summer, try drinking more water to compensate.

We are fortunate enough to have plenty of water to drink, so make sure you’re taking care of your body by staying hydrated. Do you have any tips or fun ways you like to stay hydrated during the summer?


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